A Slice A Day – Episode #38 – 5 Rules for Video Content Marketing in 2015 (Lisa Hoover-McGreevy)

Of all the platforms on which to create content I personally enjoy video; with the way the technology is these days, businesses of any size can produce, create, edit and distribute video content with ease and with little money out of pocket. Which I would guess is the reason video, as a content type, really took off in 2014 and this year more companies and organizations are going all-in.
Lisa Hoover-McGreevy, a freelance writer and journalist authored a super article on’s blog titled ‘5 Rules for Video Content Marketing in 2015‘. In today’s podcast Lisa talks about why video is such a great platform, creating solid Calls to Action and why your business should be using video as part of your content marketing strategy; all of that and more in today’s episode of your A Slice A Day.

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