A Slice A Day – Episode #40 – From Storytelling To Storyshowing: A Necessary Transformation In B2B Tech (Rory Schaff-Mohon)

If you enjoy a great story or someone’s ability to tell one aren’t you a little envious? I know I am; and that’s why I chose today’s article, because I love a good story. Whether it’s a story in the form of an awesome movie or from a book it’s the kind of thing that you can enjoy over and over again.
Rory Schaff from mcgrathpower.com wrote a fine blog post a few weeks back about storytelling or rather, storyshowing, within the B2B tech space and asks the question, why are so many B2B tech firms not using storyshowing, as she puts it, “in their PR efforts?”
The title of Rory’s blog post is ‘From Storytelling To Storyshowing: A Necessary Transformation In B2B Tech’. We talk about Rory’s article and include some interesting links in the show notes on today’s episode of your ‘A Slice A Day‘.

Twitter: @rorymohon

Website: http://www.mcgrathpower.com/

Blog:   http://www.mcgrathpower.com/blog/

Article Link: http://www.mcgrathpower.com/2015/01/08/storytelling-storyshowing-necessary-transformation-b2b-tech/

Wishpond Blog Post – 10 Reasons Visual Content will Dominate 2014 – http://blog.wishpond.com/post/70300587846/10-reasons-visual-content-will-dominate-2014  < —— Still very relevant

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