A Slice A Day – Episode #48 – 4 Marketing Analytics Tools That Are Shaping the Industry (Jean Spencer)

We’re a good number of years into the age of digital and now what’s being done with data in relation to marketing is nothing short of remarkable. But what lies ahead in terms of data technology is really going to be something.
Jean Spencer with Kapost, a world leader in content marketing software, recently wrote a contributing piece at Entrepreneur Magazine online called ‘4 Marketing Analytics Tools That Are Shaping the Industry‘.
We feature a couple of those tools, where big data is and where it’s headed within marketing and how it all effects ROI right here on today’s episode of your ‘A Slice A Day‘.

Twitter: @Jeanwrites

Jean’s Web Site: http://jeankspencer.com/

Web Site: http://kapost.com/

Blog: http://marketeer.kapost.com/

Article Link: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/241534

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