About Edwards Communications

Professional Advertising and Sales Communications for Forward-thinking Companies

Founded in 1995, Barry Edwards, Edwards Communications has helped a dozens of clients in various industries increase sales of their products or services. We have served healthcare, education, technology, industrial, trainers, professional sports and non-profit institutions to name a few. I welcome you to view the Edwards Communications case studies to see our unique and diverse approach to branding, design and marketing.

Your branding is my specialty

While I plug in appropriate team members into my marketing implementations, I keep all client branding to myself. This is the development of your logo, slogan, website design, business card design, overall marketing concept and so on. Everything that creates the first impression of you and your company is your brand and is the first priority in gaining trust from prospects and standing out in your marketplace.

My strategic approach to the visual impressions of your website, corporate identity and advertising materials will set the standard for your company’s impact in the mind of your target audience. Our content marketing solutions further set the standard for your brand and generate your audience’s interest. See my News Mojo Blog for interesting tips and tricks that we use to enhance our client’s presence in their markets.

I oversee all of the creative myself to ensure the high level of quality Edwards Communications’ own brand has developed over the years. I guarantee 100% for satisfaction and quality from our efforts. I look forward to helping you achieve your marketing goals. Please feel free to call or email with any comments or inquiries at any time. Sincerely,



Barry Edwards, principal/creative director