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Founded in 1995, Barry Edwards, Edwards Communications has helped a dozens of clients in various industries increase sales of their products or services. We have served healthcare, education, technology, industrial, trainers, professional sports and non-profit institutions to name a few. I welcome you to view the Edwards Communications case studies to see our unique and diverse approach to branding, design and marketing.

Your branding is my specialty

While I plug in appropriate team members into my marketing implementations, I keep all client branding to myself. This is the development of your logo, slogan, website design, business card design, overall marketing concept and so on. Everything that creates the first impression of you and your company is your brand and is the first priority in gaining trust from prospects and standing out in your marketplace.

My strategic approach to the visual impressions of your website, corporate identity and advertising materials will set the standard for your company’s impact in the mind of your target audience. Our content marketing solutions further set the standard for your brand and generate your audience’s interest. See my News Mojo Blog for interesting tips and tricks that we use to enhance our client’s presence in their markets.

I oversee all of the creative myself to ensure the high level of quality Edwards Communications’ own brand has developed over the years. I guarantee 100% for satisfaction and quality from our efforts. I look forward to helping you achieve your marketing goals. Please feel free to call or email with any comments or inquiries at any time. Sincerely,


Barry Edwards, principal/creative director

Barry Edwards, Principal/Creative Director/Teacher

barry edwards, edwards communications | online marketing consultantCreatively speaking, I started out drawing on my closet doors with crayons early on. I followed my artistic interests through all phases of school, eventually settling on design and illustration at Kent State University.

Today, my work is my main creative outlet – consisting of designing of various marketing communications and endless writing of website/social media content and related materials.

Teaching is my passion

I taught various classes at Lakeland College dating back to 1995. They included 2D and 3D drawing programs and QuarkXpress, before finally settling down on Photoshop which I enjoyed teaching from 1997 through 2014. I really enjoyed making complex procedures simple for people and prided myself on taking the anxiety out of the technology. I found this was the biggest hurdle for students – especially the older students. Breaking assignments down into small, simplified steps and providing positive feedback during these small victories is the secret to successful training.

By 2014 I found upcoming students to be innately more advanced than past years, and my online marketing services required more of my attention, so I moved on from teaching college classes. Now I apply my teaching experience and “No Geek-Speak” policy to training my clientele.

Marketing knowledge is a lifelong endeavor

I developed most of my marketing knowledge after college. The most notable influence on the advertising end of my work is David Ogilvy — known as the Father of Advertising. I apply the same tried and true principals to my work today that Ogilvy’s research found to be so effective throughout advertising’s maturation of the 70s. The importance of establishing hierarchy and organization is perhaps more important today as our fast-paced world inundates us with information. The importance of our headlines, subheads, bulleted items and captions cannot be overlooked in capturing our target audience’s eye (and SEO). The need for our copy to speak directly to our target audiences’ desires clearly and concisely seems to be something of a lost art.


I’m a proud member of Cleveland’s ToastMasters and serve as Vice President of Public Relations.  I’m also a former associate board member of  SME Cleveland, and former lead of the east side Business Connections group, AKA, BizCon East.

I invite you to explore the samples of my case studies. Please feel free to drop me an email or phone call to discuss you and your company’s needs and goals.

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