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I’m often asked how I’m able to find time to keep my social media channels filled with my own quality content on a daily basis. Its important for me as a digital marketer to keep my presence active. But, as a one man show, its equally important that I don’t get sucked down the rabbit hole of social media.

In this video I share my techniques for scheduling and posting my content for up to six weeks out.

Why post with Buffer?

There are a lot of social schedulers out there with equally high reviews as Buffer, so by all means, use whatever you like, but I like Buffer because its one of the oldest around (meaning, they’ve proven to be doing something right) and it’s got a simple UI. I don’t like to fumble through interfaces that are trying to do too much.

The truth is, all the major social channels handle content differently and I think Buffer does an admirable job of allowing the user to tweak their content accordingly.

I also like Buffer’s value – only $140/year for a single license that accommodates up to 8 social channels.

The downside of Buffer

I have to assume that Buffer’s competitors share this same limitation, and that is the lack of being able to make your posts rotate and repost infinitely. It would be a dream come true to simply keep adding to my scheduler without needing to repeatedly repost my existing posts. But I looked into this with Buffer and they made it clear that this is to appease the social channels’ guidelines against spam.

Imagine if all you saw in your Facebook feed was the same articles and self-promotions from everyone your connected to. It would be a very bland experience. I also must assume that the folks at Buffer must work very hard to maintain healthy relationships with these channels as their business depends on their access to each channel.

The bottom line

Most of us realize the need for exposure on social media and have probably tried to commit to posting quality content on a regular basis. I haven’t found a more efficient method for doing so than Buffer. Feel free to leave a comment and share your tip with us!

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