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Coming to you from the East 55th St. Marina. Recently given a big makeover by the Metroparks – its really a beautiful way to spend a friday HH. This week we’re going a little deeper about the importance of growing your subscriber list and how to continue to grow it with quality content.

We’ve stated several times in our past blogs that your list is responsible for 80% of your marketing effort’s success rate.

The key takeaway for businesses to realize is, this is a list of people that have expressed some type of interest in your content. This is the point when you begin to analyze the subscribers of your list; are they a possible  customer or client, are they actually your competition, or are they just consuming your content at their leisure? And can you separate them into different buying groups based on different types content? But content that is relative to a valuable segment of your audience.

Determine is what type of content your subscribers find valuable and, further, what they find interesting enough that they will share your content. This is why, as a business, you need to be onboard with content marketing for the long haul. Experiment to find out what’s working with your content and what’s not working. Have fun with it. And when you get an idea for creating content always ask yourself,  “Would I find this piece of content beneficial?”

Ask your best customers- why they like doing business with you.
If you own a brick and mortar business, engage with people who come into your business. Find out why they like coming to your business.

Evaluate your email service provider that and identify who is consuming your content, and are they sharing it?
There are a number of great email service providers  at a very good price point – or even free.
• MailChimp
• aWeber
• Emma
All of them provide a lot of the same services, but there are also features that separate one from the other and it just depends on what best suits you and your business.

 If you would like to read more in depth on this, sign up to Happy Hour Recap and you’ll have free access to our latest eBook as well as our previous one. The eBook contains additional information on getting started with content marketing for your business.

Next, segment your subscribers as to who is truly interested in more of your content, or maybe it’s just your competition checking you out. There may be a different demographic in play and with different demographics there are probably different interests in the types of content you’re creating. For example, if you own a gardening center or a nursery, females may enjoy content about ‘how to properly plant annuals’ or ‘preparing soil for the growing season’. At the same time, men may enjoy content about ’How to grow the juiciest tomatoes’ or ‘The hottest and tastiest red peppers’.

That’s two pieces of great content that’s very relative and serving it up to two different buyer personas. 
If you’re using various social media channels to promote your content, you can serve up the first BLOG/VLOG (video blog) to females in proximity to where your business is located, and the second piece to males in the same geographic area. A channel such as Facebook and their Ads Manager tool allows you get granular in terms of who’s your intended audience.

Another way to test to see what’s resonating with your audience is by using the same piece of content but with a different photo or image. You can then measure which works better.

Now that people are subscribing to your BLOG/VLOG or e-Newsletter and they are consuming your content, you can begin to automatically market to your subscribers based on the content that they like and share.

Email automation to generate leads for your business and then nurturing those leads into customers is a topic for another VLOG, But keep in mind, as your inbound and content marketing efforts get better, you can then start thinking about how you can maximize the use of your email marketing software.

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