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This final chapter introduces our FREE Questionnaire for Content Marketing. It is our real and complete Questionnaire that we require our clients to fill out in order to develop their Content Marketing Plan.
It’s available for free to all Happy Hour Recap Subscribers – links to all of our premium content are in each weekly eNewsletter.

We begin with our #1 FAQ:  Should I blog?

YES. For two reasons:

1. You’re building up a repository of archived, searchable information needed for SEO, but also:

2. People will bookmark you (backlinks – again very important to SEO) to refer back to your content.

How do you begin to build an audience if your new to this?

First and foremost, social media is your friend for building your audience. This is where you need to engage and ask/answer questions in order to get known. However, during this time, you also need to be building your blog in order to have information for people of interest to find. Realize that you’ll be blogging for quite some time before any real engagement happens.

Mark likes to use the cocktail party analogy for getting started in social media circles:  You don’t walk up to people and start talking about yourself (sell, sell, sell). You need to ask them questions about themselves and engage in their conversations.

Sharing Content / How much should I blog?

You should share others content as 75% of your blogging efforts. This does two things for you:

1. Makes your content marketing effort sustainable (don’t burn yourself out)

2. You build relationships with these people that are complementary in your industry.

Keywords when blogging

Most important is knowing and understanding “long tail keywords“. These are phrases such as , “specialized widget in Cleveland, Ohio” – much easier to get found than simply “widget”.

Yoast SEO plugin is the best tool for guiding your SEO efforts when blogging on WordPress sites. It helps you learn how to distribute your appropriate keywords throughout your title tags, headings, body copy and meta tags – amongst many other SEO-related things.

Special thanks to Sam McNulty for having us out again – this time from NanoBrew on East 25th St. As with all of his establishments – great craft beers and freshly prepared unique foods… and awesome patio!

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