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We typically stress the importance of blogging, social media integration, email marketing and SEO enhancement for your online marketing strategy, but this week we discuss some of the “road less traveled” ideas to build your online audience.

Filmed at ReddStone in Battery Park and we’re looking forward to going back – great place!

Happy Hour Recap 17 by at ReddStone in Battery ParkPulled pork. Happy Hour Recap 17 by at ReddStone in Battery Park  Nachos. Happy Hour Recap 17 by at ReddStone in Battery Park Gorgeous patio. Happy Hour Recap 17 by at ReddStone in Battery Park



1.  Create a LinkedIn Group:
Good from a B2B standpoint. Not so much B2C.
We have a client who created his own group a few years ago, SnOP  (Sales & Operations Planning Network 7100 members –He now has the clout and ability to inbound market to them.

2. Build relationships online. Start with small, less popular blogs that target your market. Contact owner – offer to guest post. Offer a few different subject matters.  Good for both b2b and b2c.

2b. Buy ad on complementary sites. Can often get a sidebar ad for $200 for 3 months.

3. Do a giveaway:  Can be product, coupon, maybe a Target giftcard.
Content Hopper – prompts for social media shares.  Can go viral.

4. Facebook Offers: it’s a great way to start.
5. Viral videos: Tug at emotions using social issues which prompt people to share.
‪Dove Real Beauty Sketches‬  64 m views. Emotional message that inspires.

Coca-Cola and mostly, Red Bull take creation of viral videos to a whole new level.

These are a few unique online marketing ideas that can assist in building your audience, but there’s no substitute for building up good content. Over time will make any size and any type of business appear to be a Subject Matter Expert or the go-to media company of their industry.

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