Thanks for checking out our show notes from our Facebook Ads VLOG. We talked about the difference between using Post Boosts and the benefits they offer compared to using Facebook Ad Manager and Power Editor. If you’ve stumbled across the show notes and would like to view the VLOG here is the link to the post on our YouTube channel:

Facebook is Not Screwing Brands – Digital Age – 

Since Facebook as severely restricted the reach of posts since late last year we’ve all been trying to figure out the best way to increase our reach with our fans. Of course good, compelling content is a great place to start such as a killer e-Book, great photos and images, maybe a nice Infographic and good video content. But a lot of businesses would like to see that reach increase in a short period of time. So the question is, should you use boosted posts or Ad Manager? We’ll start with boosted posts….

Boosted Posts – When you post something on your Facebook page you of course have seen the Boost Post button on the lower right corner:

facebook post boosts


For just a little bit of $$ you can increase the reach of that post. But is it doing any good? Sure you can get a couple thousand people who have ‘seen’ the post but they really seen it, read it, clicked on it? The best time to use boosted posts is when you want to immediately bring attention to something like a contest you’re running on your web site, signing up for your newsletter or something in which you would like immediate reaction.

Do not use boosted posts to increase your Likes because it simply does not work.

Found a video from Sierra Tierra Marketing that we couldn’t agree with more-

**Show Notes Tip Alert** – If you’ve ever boosted a post and Facebook has rejected it, and this has happened to us with a client, it’s most likely because your post contained an image that had more than 20% of that image filled with text. This is against Facebook policy.

If you’re going to boost a post based on an image you may want to use the Facebook Grid Tool to check your image to make sure it’s within Facebook’s guidelines:

You simply select the Choose File button on the page, upload your image and the Grid Tool does the rest. Try it next time before you boost your post.

Facebook Ads Manager/Power Editor – Incidentally we recommend that 99% of time use Facebook Ad Manager to create your ads because it simply is a better way to conduct your campaign.

You can gear your ads to certain objectives that you would like to achieve such as:

  • Page Likes – Connect with more people who you want to engage with.
  • Clicks to your Website – Send people to a specific pages or pages on your web site
  • Website Conversions – Measure specific actions people take on your site. There’s a little bit of skilled knowledge required here at you need to have conversion-tracking pixel to measure your results.
  • Event Responses – After posting an Event you will be holding you can promote that Event with ease using Ad Manager.

The Ads Manager is a fairly easy application to use; to create an ad you would:

  • Choose and upload the image(s) you would like to use for your ad(s)
  • Edit the links or text of your ad(s) – And you can preview everything on your ad before going live.
  • Choose who you are targeting – Use Facebook Insights, the keen metric tool Facebook provides to you that is available on your page within the Admin panel.
  •  Identify your best target audience, age groups, gender and location.
  • Then within Ads Manager you can target that specific audience you’ve identified and only they will see your ad. Great way to segment your ad to your audience!
  • Decide how much you are going to spend on your ad

To really dig deep and learn Facebook Ads Manager you can check out the link on Facebook here:  < ——- Here

Or you can email us at or and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thanks for watching and checking out our show notes!


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