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The idea of inbound marketing is best illustrated from this graphic produced by Hobspot; producers and one of the industry leaders of inbound marketing software.

HubSpot graphic-conversions

Taking people from strangers to visitors; from visitors to leads and then hopefully customers and ideally promoters of your business is what inbound marketing is all about.

Inbound marketing depends so much on producing good content to your audience and providing it consistently and having a comprehensive plan or blueprint for content marketing. At EdwardsCom, we stress the “3 Es”: Entertain, Educate and Engage.

If your audience or perspective clients require a fair amount of information before they make a buying decision, content marketing could work well as part of your business and sales processes.

Where would these dollars come from? A lot of businesses are diverting or cutting back on monies that are part of a traditional marketing budget and are using those monies to budget for inbound and content marketing.

Inbound marketing can do a number of things for your business:

  • It can increase your SEO because of the content you will produce
  • You become an expert in your field to your customer base
  • Allows you to build your own valuable library of proprietary information (which you can then turn into Whitepapers, eBooks, e-newsletters or even your own public speaking appearances)
  • and mostly… it’s about building YOUR LIST, which we will expand upon in another VLOG.

Besides developing your content marketing strategy document or blueprint you need to begin building your list; your email address list of people that opt-in to read or watch your really cool content. Do this as soon as possible.

Recommended Email Marketing Solutions:

MailChimp – You’ll love Freddie and what MailChimp has to offer – Fairly easy to use and understand, very inexpensive and you get a lot for your $$.

Get started with MailChimp —- > http://bit.ly/MailChimp-Get-Started

AWebber – Another great email marketing solution; easy to use and understand as well. Good pricing and a solution to consider using for your business.

Get started with AWeber —- > http://bit.ly/AWeberGetStarted
Both solutions offer attractive and easy to use templates to help you. And both offer responsive design templates; your content looks great on phones, tablets, desktop and laptop computers.

As always, if you would like to know more or have questions we would enjoying hearing from you and listening to what you have to say. Email us anytime: barry@edwardscom.net or mark@edwardscom.net

Links and Stuff:

**Nice articles from the Content Marketing Institute’s own Joe Pulizzi on B2C and B2B Content Marketing and successes**


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