New responsive Edcom site launched

On Monday, April 15th, besides handing over my hard-earned income to the government, I also launched my re-designed responsive (mobile-friendly) website.

Finding time to redesign one’s own website is incredibly difficult. Nonetheless, I’ve been preaching the need for responsiveness to my clients and prospects for months now. I’ve tied in much of my legacy site’s portfolio, which is expansive and time-consuming to redo. I’ll continue to add more of my newer projects and gradually bring in some of my older favorites.

I’ll also add a lot more marketing components – pages that link to and from my portfolio pages prompting interaction and free white papers providing valuable tips and information to building a proper web presence.

Mostly, I vow to regularly add unique, quality content on a regular basis – yet another thing that I preach to (and provide) my clients about.

Yes, the web is here to stay… and so am I.

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