All with easy to use CMS (Customer Management Systems), endless upgradeability, internal and external (client) interaction, password protection as needed and more.

Leader Initiatives is a start-up that offers training in supervisory skills. The web site needs to be updated constantly with new course materials, course locations and times, e-commerce payment and so forth. Its imperative to have a user-friendly interface for my client to add and edit certain pages himself. The site is part of an entire branding campaign that includes logo, slogan, website, business cards, course material covers and direct mail.
Leadership Initiatives – logo and web site by Barry Edwards,


I designed Aircraft Welding’s original site nearly 10 years ago. A lot has changed over those years and the site was well overdue for updating – as was the logo. The new logo is a careful balance of nostalgia and contemporary. Same can be said for the site itself. Aircraft Welding has a long, proud history and I was careful to keep one foot in it as I updated this site that has increased SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and an easy to use CMS so the client can add Press Releases on a regular basis. It also encourages feedback and testimonials from clients.
Aircraft Welding logo and web site by Barry Edwards,

Another site that I originally designed years ago (see below) as well as their logo. DBS asked for what most people ask for today, “A site that we can easily update and add to ourselves and also has the ability to communicate back and forth with clientele”. The site has that and more.
DBS Communications logo and web site by Barry Edwards,

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logo, Edwards Communications - Internet marketing, Cleveland, Ohio

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