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  First day_santorini

Intro: Cleveland guys in Greece. September, 2006

My best friend, Dan Drees and I (Barry Edwards) try to do as much traveling as we can. We've been to Spain, a few places in Mexico, places in the US and so on. But, September 11th, 2006 myself, Dan Drees and good pal JT Krohe went to Greece - Santorini, Mykonos and Athens, to be specific. Right upon arrival we met the two nicest girls (sisters) Anna and Barb. We had the most incredible vacation. I know that everyone will not make it to Greece in their lifetime, so I'm going to share what I can with you here.

Barry, Barb, Anna, Dan and JT

I consider this the definitive photo of the trip. Its from our first day, we just met Barb and Anna, and we conquered Mt. Thera a couple hours later. The beginning of a fantastic 10-day adventure



Climbing Mt Thera

Our first adventure - the climbing of Mt. Thera.
On the way up a stray dog befriended us. He became known as "Baxter". He enjoyed the climb with us and departed happily afterward.

Mt Thera

Dan Drees, JT Krohe Dan Drees and JT Krohe take some pics from halfway up Mt. Thera
Dan Drees, Barry Edwards, Cleveland guys in Greece Dan and Barry
Barb, Anna, Baxter Finally reached the top . Barb, Anna and Baxter.
Barb, JT Krohe Barb and JT victorious
All of us

Our next adventure consisted of sailing to 3 locations: A volcanic island, the gorgeous small isle of Therasia and a last trip to swim in a bay that "contrains the fountain of youth".

What it actually contained was a lot of jellyfish! Several passengers got stung.

JT Krohe sailing  
Anna sailing A very serene picture of Anna taken by Dan Drees
JT Krohe, Barry Edwards  
Anna sailing I love this picture that I accidentally took with the exposure set too high. It really captures the sun and color of Greece.
Barb sailing  
Barry Edwards, Barb  
Barry Edwrds, Dan Drees Dan spots the volcanic island.
Barry Edwards, Volcanic island The volcanic island.
JT Krohe, Barry Edwards, Dan Drees Dan, Barry and JT ready for the next adventure.