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  Barry Edwards, Volcanic island

Part 2: Volcanic Island Therasia and more

We land on the volcanic island. Its huge and we're about to take a hike to the top.

Barry Edwards stepping foot on the island.



Barry Edwards, Dan Drees, JT Krohe - volcanic island

Barry Edwards, Dan Drees and JT Krohe... a looooong way from Cleveland

volcanic island

Anna, Dan Drees  

Next stop -Therasia. Kind of like Gilligan's Island with some shops on it - and the BEST gyros ever.


I mean, EVER.

JT Krohe, Anna, Barb, Barry Edwards Dan waded out in the crystal clear water to take this picture. I was specifically saying at that moment, "This is the BEST! I will always remember this very moment for the rest of my life".
Dan Drees, Barry Edwards, Therasia, Greece  
JT Krohe, Therasia, Greece

JT Krohe beachside on the small village of Therasia, Greece. Orders some seafood.

JT Krohe, octopus Not so sure about that seafood!
JT Krohe, therasia, greece  
Therasia Getting ready to roll out of Therasia
sailing in the Aegean sea Leaving Therasia, we stopped to swim in the "Fountain of Youth" with some unwanted jellyfish. Nursing some wounds, we head back to Santorini.
JT Krohe, Barry Edwards  
Mountain Hotel This is a hotel built into the mountain. Wish we could've stopped and checked it out.
JT Krohe in the sun Back at our hotel in Santorini, JT catches up on some reading in the sun.