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Barry Edwards and dog in Santorini, GreecePart 3 : Santorini and Mykonos

Our adventurous day of climbing Thera and sailing to 3 destinations left the others tired for the evening. Not Dan and I.

We went downtown to check out the sites. Staying out a little too late and perhaps a little tired, Dand I argued our way back to the hotel.

Barry stops to pet a homeless dog that reminds him a bit of his own dog, Bowser. Not to worry - homeless dogs on Santorini lead the good life.



Dan Drees, Barry Edwards

Dan Drees, Barry Edwards - Shopping in Santorini.


This led to a fairly wild night out in Fira, Santorini

Barb and JT Krohe
PHOTO REMOVED VIA JT's REQUEST. TOO BAD - WAS REALLY FUNNY. JT was feeling generous with his rose that evening.
Barry Edwards and Barb

Barry and Barb after dinner in Fira.

Barry Edwards in Mykonos

Our first day in Mykonos.

As if our trip couldn't get any better, we get a gorgeous room overlooking the Aegean Sea

JT Krohe, mykonos JT Krohe pondering life's intricacies.
Barry Edwards, mykonos Dan and I got scooters and explored the island and beaches while JT went snorkling.
mykonos sunset The ending to a perfect day.
paradise beach, barry edwards, dan drees

Eventually we all decided to go out to Paradise Beach for the day and evening.

For JT, make that, "day, evening and next morning".

Anna and dan  
Anna and Barb Anna and Barb soaking in the sun.
Barry Edwards Paradise beach I'm considering what JT is saying and doing.
JT "Rick" Krohe

JT pulls out his ultra-cool shades for the first time and demands that we call him, "Rick". He insists that these shades make him 110% cooler.


He proved us right.

bar "Rick" scopes the beachside techno bar. In particular the blonde in the middle. He predicts that he'll be dancing with her within minutes.
crazy guy This guy's also getting the vibes from our blonde friend. In fact, he's really feeling it.