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Barry Edwards, JT Krohe and Dan DreesPart 5 : Athens and the parthenon

Dan and I agree that getting our picture taken in front of the Parthenon was like scratching one of the top three things you want to do in your life off your list. As gorgeous as the islands are, Athens just can't be missed. Our three days here provided our best photos of the vacation.


Barry Edwards, JT Krohe and Dan Drees in front of the Parthenon (part of the Acropolis).



Acropolis by Barry Edwards

Parthenon by Barry Edwards

The Acropolis is always under a state of re-construction and can be seen from nearly anywhere in Athens.

And Athens is BIG, I tell you.

Columns, Parthenon by Barry Edwards  

I think this is the Agora.. but I forget.

This was the Ampitheatre The Ampitheatre - part of the Acropolis.
Barry Edwards, Anna, Dan Drees, JT Krohe, Barb Anna, Dan, JT and Barry at the top of the Acropolis
Barb, Anna

Barb and Anna looking beautiful with the very vast and congested Athens in the background.

Athens sprawls out like that in all directions to the horizon.

Athens, Library  
Barry Edwards photographing JT Krohe took this picture of Barry Edwards taking a picture. The Acropolis always looming in the background.
Dan Drees, Anna, JT Krohe Dan Drees, Anna and JT Krohe in front of the Parthenon.
Barry Edwards, Parthenon

Barry Edwards around back side of Parthenon.

Dan Drees, Parthenon

Dan Drees pretending to touch the Parthenon. They are very vigilant about people not touching anything as the acids from our hands eventually take a toll on the ruins.

JT Krhoe, Barry Edwards at the Acropolis JT Krohe and Barry Edwards in front of the Parthenon
Dan Drees, Parthenon Dan in front of part of the Acropolis
Barb, Barry, Parthenon  
Acropolis, column by Barry Edwards  
Barry Edwards, Parhtenon  
Parthenon by JT Krohe