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All in front of Athens, on top of AcropolisPart 6 : Last day in athens. End of a perfect journey

Dan Drees, Anna, Barb, Barry Edwards and JT Krohe atop the Acropolis over looking Athens, Greece.




JT Krohe, Dan Drees, Barry Edwards

JT, Dan and Barry sit at one of their favorite restaurants.

We came back for our last dinner here. It has an upper level outdoor dining area where we feasted like ancient Greeks with the Acroplis gorgeously lit up in the background.

JT Krohe and Barry Edwards JT Krohe and Barry Edwards in a park in Athens.

Arch, Temple of Zeus




Archway to the Temple of Zeus

JT Krohe. Temple of Zeus  
Barry Edwards. Temple of Zeus Part of the Temple of Zeus .
Temple of Zeus by Barry Edwards


JT Krohe. Temple of Zeus. Photo by Barry Edwards  
Temple of Zeus, Athens, Greece This photo, with people for perspective, helps capture the enormity of the Temple of Zeus.
Temple of Zeus  
Barb, Barry Edwards. Athens, Greece Our last night in Athens, Greece consisted of several stops for appetizers (and Uzo) that culminated in an authentic Greek dinner and dancing.
JT Krohe, Barb, Dan Drees   JT Krohe, Anna and Dan Drees
singer, Athens I had to get a couple shots of the band's singer in here. Absolutely gorgeous... and an incredible voice as well.
Dan and singer

For the record, Barb took this picture.

Dan drees

Dan busts a move with the entertainers. After dinner, the audience is prompted to participate in the entertainment.

And... unfortunately this is the end for our 2006 trip to Santorini, Myknos and Athens, Greece.

Dan Drees