Power Networking Group

Established April 10, 2019

This is an invite-only networking group intended to find its best synergy of members through recommendations of members and then weeded out through natural selection*.

What are we looking for in members?

Business developers. Whether you are a business owner, sales person or marketing manager, you are a person looking to develop relationships and gain insight into better business practices.


Time: Wednesday 8:30-9:30 am

Where: Panera Bread, 6700 Rockside Rd, Independence, OH 44131

Dues: There is currently no charge for membership, but as needs arise it will be discussed.

Meeting agenda

Meetings begin promptly at 8:30. It’s best to show up a few minutes early for relationship building.

President opens meeting, introduces Round Table Topic to be discussed after featured speaker

Introductions: Each member gives their 30 – 60 second elevator speech. New members are encouraged to go in more depth and questions from veteran members are fielded.

Featured speaker: Each week a different member gives a 10-minute presentation to provide deeper insight into their industry and niche, or benefit the members in some other way.

Round Table Topic: We will go around the table and ask for each member’s unique insight into the particular sales/marketing topic. This session may also consist of weekly goal setting and accountability reporting.

Close meeting with inspirational message (volunteers).

* This networking group is not anti-competition within industries (we allow multiple members from the same industry). Rather, we’ll let the more active member(s) benefit from the groups recommendations and relationship building.


Barry Edwards | Edward.Com.net
Branding and lead generation

Hal Stata | Stata Productions