“Barry Edwards helped me build the business that I was dreaming of. In fact, we’re exceeding my dreams. I don’t know much about online marketing. So, I’ve followed his advice and went with slow increments with projected, conservative Returns On Investment, and we’ve blown away those figures!”
Brain Hall

President, BCH Electrical Safety Consulting

Content marketing, Google Adwords, Postcards and Email Campaigns

Following up our very successful website launch, SEO enhancement and trade show exhibition, we embarked on an equally successful ad campaign

Note, that I have confirmed the Return On Investment (ROI) calculations and verbiage in this Case Study with Brian Hall of BCH Electrical Safety Consulting.

Our site launch and SEO enhancement back in January resulted in the almost immediate acquisition of new client, Lakeland Community College, who found us via organic search. The client and resulting breadth of work instantly made Phase 1 a resounding, profitable success. The full breath of work to date has equalled a 100% ROI on the Phase 1 investment thus far, and more work is expected from this in the future.

From there, we headed to Columbus for the Ohio Safety Conference 2017. Brian manned his exhibit and put on the closing presentation. We came back with a strong list to work with and some good relationships to nurture. Onto Phase 2: content marketing and ad campaigns.

Google AdWords campaign for electrical safety training

We implemented a (almost) weekly blog/social media campaign called, Safety Tips. It’s been very helpful at giving us spikes in our Analytics and getting our brand recognition under way. It is evergreen content that we’ll repurpose for years to come.

At the same time, I began a very conservative AdWords campaign. I estimated the monthly budget at around one third of a monthly conversion to play it really safe. In the past three months of the campaign, we’ve averaged one conversion each month resulting in hard math, a 200% ROI. I tried turning up the Google Juice a bit on our best keyword phrases, but it’s remained the same. So, I’d estimate that we’re maintaining about 150% ROI on the campaign to date.

Direct Mail (post cards) and email campaign

As of this writing on July 1, we can’t calculate the end ROI on this one yet. But, thus far Brian’s investment into the postcards and email campaign has resulted in 66.67% ROI, and it looks like it will continue to rise.

“Fantastic news – we just got a huge lead with a company that will most likely result in who knows how many conversions… and also a guy from a company in Lima just reached out to me from our website and we are set to go in July for training!”
Brain Hall

President, BCH Electrical Safety Consulting

Building the base with low risk, high reward investing

Our penny stock investments

We’ve implemented an ad, email and direct mail campaign with a budget that was within conservative estimations of return and we’ve surpassed those estimations with each campaign. This has been an excellent jump start for this relatively new venture. Its kind of like the “penny stocks” of an investment portfolio.

Our Blue Chip investments

Google AdWords is a great, but pricy way to build instant website traffic. But, for longer term, sustained growth, I’m taking proper measures to increase our SEO and organic website traffic (I already have us at ranked #1 for “electrical safety training, cleveland” and “arc flash training, cleveland”, but we want ranked higher outside Cleveland). we’ve implemented a content marketing plan that feeds our website high ranking, searchable material and we share it on our social media channels resulting in increasing traffic to our site and increasing SEO rankings. Nonetheless, we’ll continue our AdWords campaign as long as it is profitable.

Additionally, we’ve written a feature article for Safety Professional by the American Society of Safety Engineers, which should be coming out this month. The exposure is nice, but the SEO boost and credibility is what I’m after mostly. As soon as this debuts, I’m going to use it as credibility for future articles with other publications.

And perhaps most importantly, we’re very actively assembling our “Alliance Team” – these are trusted people in complementary sectors of the S&H industry that refer us work, as we do for them.

At this point, we are very much where I hoped that we would be with Brian’s company new clientele, but way beyond what I conservatively projected for him – making this a really fun and rewarding project for both of us.

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