Part 2 of 2: The Event advertising campaign for Lake Erie Knitting Mills.

See Part 1: Brand development here (logos, website, posters  photoshoot and social media)

Part 2: Event advertising consists of postcards, print ads, Facebook ads, email campaign, store interior design and trade show display.

Print ads for Beachwood event

As we wanted to focus on a 20 mile or so radius, we created 1/4-page ads for the Cleveland Jewish News and Scene Magazine. However, as we were targeting Millennials primarily, the bulk of our advertising was done via Facebook.

Event Advertising, Ad for Scene Magazine. Lake Erie Knitting Mills, Cleveland, OH
Facebook boosted post-559 engagements for retail -, Cleveland Hts, OH

Facebook boosted post-559 engagements for only $50. Click to enlarge.

Facebook ads for Cleveland event

Our primary focus for our advertising was Facebook — due to its ability to target audiences with extreme precision.

We focused our ads on 19-26 year old males and females within a 20-mile radius of our store. We offered a 15% coupon upon signing up to our mail list on our website and this generated a list of over 400 people during our 2-month campaign.

We alternated between “boosted” posts, as shown here, and traditional Facebook ads. Note, the boosted post here netted an 8% engagement rate – 559 people clicked, commented, shared or “liked” the post with only $50 in advertising.

Wrapping up with our in-store sales

The purpose of this event was to unload as much of this decades old knitted clothing as possible. Whatever inventory was to not sell, we would have to dispose of at our expense.

However, we were to cover much of our expenses with our two 3-day sales. We also found two bulk buyers via our advertising efforts. And in the end, we gave the remaining items away to an east coast wholesaler that paid for the shipping to receive the items.


Branding, logo, tradeshow display, signage-Lake Erie Knitting Mills, Cleveland, OH

Photo of the warehouse outlet with posters, trade show display and signage. Click to enlarge.

logo, Edwards Communications - Internet marketing, Cleveland, Ohio

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