Video, motion graphics for Youtube Shorts and social media - Barry Edwards

Social media promotional “explainer” video for e-commerce sites

I’ve been creating and running e-commerce sites for Randesign for over 15 years now. The internet has come a long way in that time. Amazon has conquered the commodities markets. Etsy dominates the small crafts markets. But, little did we know, these personalized baby products were one market that couldn’t get gobbled up by one player.

Our biggest challenge over the years has been shipping. The costs of shipping has made it nearly impossible to sell relatively inexpensive products online. So, I had to pick up our marketing efforts on social media and with our email list.

I made this “explainer” video in about 2016. As the owner is retired and not very present in day-to-day activities, it was hard to get his approval and this went to the wayside before I even got a chance to post it. I just came across it and decided I really needed to put it in my case studies. I’m also going to put it on our Facebook pages – just organically – and see if it gets any attention.

YouTube Shorts and Social Media Promos

Cover art design/illustration


Book cover design and illustration by Barry Edwards

“Leaving a Legacy” book cover art

I designed this book cover in approximately 2004 for Jim Paluch. It’s an aspiring piece of fiction that follows three elderly men stuck in their life patterns that eventually learn that it’s never too late to leave a legacy in this world.

I remember Jim and I taking a walk through the woods discussing the book and it’s title. He was originally going to call it “Old Wood Flowers”, but together we decided Leaving a Legacy had more direct impact. Needless to say, the concept of being carved in stone speaks to the permanance of the impact we can have long after we’re gone.


Magazine cover art by Barry Edwards

TorchLight magazine cover art

Another cover that I created in 2004. This was commissioned by the Cleveland Advertising Association. They used to put out a monthly magazine called Torchlight.

The interesting aspect of this, is that I took this picture in Cleveland’s Little Italy in 1998 with a 1.6 megapixel Olympus digital camera — laughably low resolution by today’s standards. But with a variety of techniques, I was able to bring out the detail that I wanted and create a rustic italian flavor to the art.


poster, logo design | auto repair, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Automotive restoration retro brand art

I created this logo and poster design for my former client in Cleveland Heights. They’ve since retired.

The owners were a couple of really good guys — always fair and honest with their customers and I wanted to capture that retro feeling with this poster art which also functioned as a print advertisement.


cover art for United Way's Real Source by Barry Edwards

Cover art for Urban League’s RealSource Management Consultants

I was commissioned by the Urban League of Cleveland to create a brand image piece that would speak to the diversity and professionalism of their new RealSource Management Consultants program.

Upon revealing the color proof for the first time, the Director literally jumped up from his seat and said, “Damn, Barry! You’re the man!”


logo, Edwards Communications - Internet marketing, Cleveland, Ohio

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