Trade show display for HeatSeal, Inc. by Barry Edwards,, Cleveland, Ohio

Heat Seal trade show display design and event marketing

Above is my 3D rendering of a 20 ft trade show display that I designed and produced for Heat Seal, Inc. in about 2010.
I commissioned Jim Baron of Baron Photography to do the custom photography.

Trade show ads and email campaign for HeatSeal, Inc. by Barry Edwards,, Cleveland, OhioOf course, if you’re going through the expense of creating a trade show display, manning it and paying for the trade show itself, you need a good cross media plan to back it up.

Things to keep in mind when designing displays

  • Where equipment will be positioned. This display advertised various large, commercial kitchen items that could obscure the information on the display if not taken into consideration.
  • Likewise, in general you don’t want to put important information on the bottom foot or so of the display as most people won’t be able to comfortably read it.
  • The display design itself must be able to accommodate traffic comfortably. On larger displays, it would be beneficial to consider a display that can be reassembled in different configurations for use in multiple settings.


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