Logo "Annihalators", play off "Avengers". Barry Edwards

Logo for a new kind of super hero group

A good friend commissioned me to create an “Avengers-looking” logo for his group of high school friends. They’ll sport it on t-shirts, invites, jackets and such.

Now a tight knit group of middle-aged friends, they have organized annual trips and parties. They starting calling themselves “The Annihalators” several years ago in a play off “The Avengers” super hero group. It was time to make an official logo. I also included the “A” insignia for use on t-shirt sleeves and hats.

As the name runs a little long, I enhanced the connectivity quite a bit to shorten it while keeping legibility. I took the colors from their high school logo in Amherst, Ohio.

My original version contained only the typography (like “The Avengers”). The committee asked if I could make the “I”s into champagne bottles with exploding corks dotting them. I understood the sentiment of incorporating some fun, party element to it, but explained how the concept wouldn’t be legible. They loved my proposed solution of the splash with beer mug.


logo, Edwards Communications - Internet marketing, Cleveland, Ohio

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