Branding, logo, poster design | Auto Repair Shop, Cleveland Heights, OH
poster, logo design | auto repair, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Auto repair shops underestimate their branding

Due to the unprecedented service that the good people at Cedar Taylor Repair & Collision have shown me over the years, I took it upon myself to create an alternative branding scheme for them in the form of this logo and poster.

Truth is, I needed another “retro” design in my portfolio to accommodate an RFP. But I really do think the world of the guys at Cedar Taylor Repair & Collision because of their honesty, fair pricing and customer service. I usually talk to Bill Immarino. Tell him I referred you.

Auto mechanics and repair shops also underestimate the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I penned an article comparing auto shops to dental practices to illustrate how both typically leave so much money (clientele) on the table due to not putting together a decent online presence.

Both local industries’ customers rely so much on Local SEO and mobile search to decide on their new dental practice or auto shop, yet there’s usually only one or two in a 30 mile radius that have taken this halfway seriously. They’re the one’s bringing in that extra $2,000/month.


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