Personalized Kid’s Plates ecommerce site

Responsive, ecommerce site

Edwards Communications partnered with Randesign on this project to create both the personalized nameplates themselves, and then the e-commerce site to sell the plates.

The site is fully responsive (mobile-friendly) and consists of membership capabilities, PayPal integration, AIM integration (for taking orders seamlessly on the site), customer/prospect list building, coupon codes, shipping, blog and e-mail campaigning. I’ve also secured the site with an SSL certificate to ensure safe credit card processing.

The importance of responsive (mobile-friendly) for e-commerce sites

Our Google Analytics  on our websites tells us that approximately 30% (update: make that 40% as of Nov. 2013) of our views are coming from mobile devices. This number is growing and will continue to do so. As more and more people have abandoned their land lines in favor of their Smart Phones, many are now using mobile devices as their only means of internet connection. So, if you want to sell to that growing market, you have to design for that market.

e-commerce website, designed & produced by barry edwards, edwards communications, Cleveland, Ohio

Update: I’ve since redesigned the site again in 2019

logo, Edwards Communications - Internet marketing, Cleveland, Ohio

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