(Above) Cover and three spreads from 20-page Lake Metropark’s Almanac.

Bi-monthly magazine design and layout | non-profit

The Lake Metropark Almanac – a unique and fun way to appeal to their audience.

“The Almanac was one of my favorite regular projects. It was simply FUN. Fun in the fact that it needed to educate a younger demographic, but it also simply needed to APPEAL to the older, tax-paying parents. Being a non-profit, LMP gave me a lot of freedom with creativity. Unfortunately, the economy eventually down scaled the project, but it’ll always be a special one to me.  And the people at Lake Metroparks are second to none.”

— Barry Edwards, creative director.

The Almanac was a group effort amongst the LMP staff. A staff that had little spare time, but found it anyway– to research and create educational and informative articles. The end result was a colorful, quality, bi-monthly public relations publication that kept the community engaged in Northeast Ohio’s award winning parks.

Magazine design/layout for non-profit | Barry Edwards, Cleveland, Ohio
logo, Edwards Communications - Internet marketing, Cleveland, Ohio

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