Brand development for new HR company, TAMS Group, Independence, OH
TAMS Group website design, production, hosting by Edwards Communications, Cleveland, OH

Cleveland HR firm, TAMS Group branding campaign, website, corporate brochure

Responsive, business website. Part of entire branding campaign

In 2013 Edwards Communications had the privilege of developing the branding of TAMS Group – an HR outsource company to form from the merging of THRD (The Human Resource Dept.) and Strategic Talent Consulting companies.

Branding defines who the company is… and intends to be.

As is typical in branding campaigns, EdwardsCom starts with the Vision and Mission Statement, as these are the true values and goals of the company and lay the groundwork for all that is to come.


From there, we developed the logo. We did some market testing before deciding on the final with the final decision coming from CEO Dan Simovic. The business cards followed after that, while simultaneously working on the website and corporate brochure. We are currently working on the design and implementation of four separate email  campaigns that target their four individual markets. Each are designed to take them to certain aspects of the site for calls to action.

The site is hosted on EdwardsCom VPS (Virtual Private Server).

Logo, Business cards: Cleveland HR firm, TAMS Group

Strategic branding campaign that included: Logo design, Mission/Vision Statement development, website design/production/hosting, corporate brochure design, copy editing and printing. These business cards help generate that all-important 1st impression for TAMS Group, Independence, Ohio.


logo, business card design for Cleveland HR firm | Barry Edwards, Edwards Communications
TAMS Group brochure design, copy editing, printing., Cleveland, OH
TAMS Group brochure design, copy editing, printing., Cleveland, OH

TAMS Group: Corporate brochure design, copy editing and printing

Edwards Communications had the honor to develop TAMS Group’s (Independence, OH) corporate brochure as part of their complete branding campaign. We designed, copy edited and printed the brochure keeping it a cohesive and valuable part of TAMS identity.

TAMS branding campaign consisted of Mission/Vision statement, logo, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, website and email marketing campaigns.

logo, Edwards Communications - Internet marketing, Cleveland, Ohio

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