Branding solutions and website: Leadership Initiatives, Sandusky, Ohio web design, branding, hosting, of Leadership Initiatives, Sandusky, Ohio

Complete branding of Leadership Initiatives, LLC

Leadership Initiatives is a favorite client of EdwardsCom. We started our partnership in 2010. Steve Reissig had a great idea to bring his considerable leadership training talents and experience to the Ohio market. He entrusted us with doing everything from naming the company (and a lot of market research went into this), to developing the logo, stationery, Mission and Vision statements, brochures and the complete development of the website.

The website has gone through a lot of evolution since its first incarnation. It houses a ton of material and keeps events ordered and offers them via PayPal and’s e-commerce integration.

The site is also hosted on EdwardsCom’s VPS (Virtual Private Server)

logo, Edwards Communications - Internet marketing, Cleveland, Ohio

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