Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity: Logo, business card, letterhead and envelope design, production and printing

Corporate Identity is the creation of a company’s logo and establishment of fonts and colors, perhaps photo usage and implementation into business cards, website and other marketing materials. It is an important part of the company’s branding, and is often wrongly considered synonomous with branding.

But a company’s logo is the first impression many people will have of a company, and first impressions are hard to overcome – so we recommend that your logo creates the impression that you desire.

Corporate identity has been a very large part of Edwards Communications’ requested services for over 20 years. It’s been an honor to have been entrusted to develop so many companys’ all-important, omnipresent flagship marketing.

Methodology and pricing for creating your business’ logo

First, we need to find out what your main priorities that you want communicated and what your preconceived ideas (if any) are. We will get back to you with the estimate as it pertains to your priorities and see if we’re on the same page to move forward. The logo will typically cost $400-800. Commercial logos are typically less time-consuming than corporate logos. Corporate logos require more “filtering” – meaning, they need to be a solid concept that speaks to the priorities agreed upon, but have to be stripped down to their simplest form possible. Sounds easy? Definitely not.

After the contract is signed, you will next receive approximately 3-5 versions of your proposed logo. This typically takes about 7 working days. As stated in the contract, you’ll be given up to 3 revisions. If more revisions are desired after that, they will be performed at $75/hour. It is very rare for this to happen.

Typically, the first proof is met with intense enthusiasm. About 50% of the time, the client will love a version as is. The other 50% of the time, it’s usually something along the lines of, “I love this about #1, but really like this aspect of #3…” And we go back and make those revisions based upon that feedback and produce the final, approved logo. The final version will be supplied in all formats ever needed: vector eps, large and small jpegs and gifs, and black and white versions.

 Letterhead, business cards and envelopes

Usually the logo is just the first phase of the Corporate Identity project. From here, we highly recommend designing the business cards as these really flush out most of the rest of the visual branding – fonts, slogan, colors are established. And we highly recommend using the back of the card as kind of a mini ad. Usually about 3 main products or services are identified and presented in their best light. All of these efforts can then be applied to the company website and/or brochures, trade show graphics and all other promotional materials. The business cards typically cost about $600.00 to design and $60/1000 to print.

Letterhead layout comes next. In today’s business climate, it needs to be decided whether they will actually be printed or if just a header and footer are to be supplied for use in MS Word, so PDFs can be generated. We supply instructions on how to do this at an acceptable resolution as Word, by default, imports graphics at low, screen resolution. Letterhead design is typically around $200.00. Printing of 1000 is approximately $175.00 (prices subject to change).

Envelopes are last. Design is pretty straight forward and typically about $100.00. Printing of 1000 #10 envelopes is approximately $220.00.

All printed materials above are quoted at 4-color, very high quality and include shipping.

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