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Stop wasting your marketing dollars

My best clients are those who have built their online presence themselves or on the cheap and finally ask me why they aren’t selling anything. A lot of us have to go thru that process before we’re ready to take our brand seriously.

You’re most likely here for at least one of the following reasons…

  • You’re tired of competing for lowest price…Every. Damn. Day.
  • You’ve spent way more money on marketing, without results, than you feel you should have — whether it be online advertising or traditional.

The answer to both of these is— you need to find your BEST brand.

Everything that you put in front of your prospects online creates their first impression of you:

  • Your logo, slogan, clarity of promotional copy, reviews, mission statement and value propositions.
  • Authority Identifiers such as testimonials, certifications and authored content.
  • Finding and building out the right social media platforms is imperative.
  • …as is your personal brand story.

And the reality is — most of us waste our time and energy trying to be all things for everyone, but the reality is that we can get more customers by better defining our niche and differentiating ourselves. This is an important first step that I explore with my new clients.

 “I don’t believe in that branding nonsense”

I’ve heard this from time to time over the years — My response is always the same — If you don’t take control of shaping your brand, your prospects will!

Your brand is what your prospects come to think of you and your company whether you like it or not. When they first heard of you – be it through advertising or word of mouth – they came to check out your online presence to determine if they should spend their hard-earned money on your product or service. They ACTIVELY and QUICKLY made a judgement about you and your company. That judgement, for better or worse, is your brand.

You’ll have a brand whether you like it or not.

Do you find yourself competing in a race for the lowest price day in and day out?

You may tell yourself that it’s your occupation — that it’s because you’re a plumber, mechanic or one of a million career coaches… but, you know of people in your profession that are above that, don’t you? You have competitors that make very good money doing what you do and don’t seem to have the problem customers that complain about every invoice… Every. Damn. Day.

I can help you develop your trust messaging and productize your services to dramatically reduce pushback from reasonable invoices.

Business models for suckers: My own story

Like many people in my field of online marketing and web development, I used to think hosting client websites would be an amazing business model! A lot of people still do.

For a couple hundred dollars per year I’d get the pleasure of trouble shooting a few thousand dollars worth of their problems.

Great business model.

People today that try to make this work resort to holding their clients hostage to try to extort a few extra bucks from them whenever they can. Their clients begin to resent them… especially as they get no return on their investment! No way these websites are going to make any money — they’re an EXPENSE, not an INVESTMENT.

There’s no mutual respect in this game and no winners. WHY? Because no one is benefitting. Both sides are trying to out-cheap the other.

Today, I recommend that my clients own their entire online presence themselves. I simply help them create a presence that gets a return on their investment with me. And one that they can manage to the extent that they need or want to. They know where to find me when they need me.

Finding your Best Brand is finding your best business model and niche

So, what is your Best Brand? What is this magic that turns prospects into customers?

It’s realizing that you offer a product or service that HELPS people. That BENEFITS people. And most importantly, that you are SERVING those people.

Finding our Best Brand and best business model is finding WHO we are helping. HOW we are helping them. And WHY we are helping them.

If you’d like to discuss how we can work together to get you more prospects online — and then turn them into customers. Fill out the form below and let’s get started!

  • Do you have an established brand (logo, business cards, colors, signage...) that you are happy with? If so, can you supply vector (or high resolution) files if we're to move forward? If not, please elaborate.
  • Please tell me about your website needs. Is it to be e-commerce/lead generation/membership? About how many pages?
  • Do you have appropriate social media channels. Please briefly tell me which ones, and how you use them in conjunction with your website.
  • If so, what are you looking to improve upon?
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