Phase 2: Regional

Phase 2 is a natural extension of Phase 1, in fact some solopreneurs may grow into Phase 2. Example: The accountant that was servicing a residential base, but has since hired (or partnered) with another accountant or two and desires to now target other businesses.

Examples of other B2B companies in need of Phase 2 marketing:

  • Accounting firms, Architectural firms, Engineering companies, General contractors, Construction Managers, Investment services, Cleaning services, CRM Systems, VOIP services, Business consultants
  • New client contracts usually worth $50k/year or more

Phase 2 marketing is defined by utilizing a content marketing plan that positions the company as a thought leader in their field while also repurposing the content for social media marketing, email campaigns and lead magnets. The lead magnets are then used as part of the sales funnel to grow the prospect list and nurture the leads.

Marketing tactics:

  • Includes Phase 1, brand buildout
  • Content marketing plan

— lead magnets

— sales funnel

— blog strategy

  • social media marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • List building/nurturing
  • Email marketing

This program can take 3 months to 6 months ti implement. It mostly depends on the extend of the content that needs created and the level of assistance required. Price typically starts at $6500 (Phase 1 + 3 month Phase 2).

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  • Do you have appropriate social media channels. Please briefly tell me which ones, and how you use them in conjunction with your website.
  • If so, what are you looking to improve upon?
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