Designer, consultant or project manager?

In the 20th century, I used to think that keeping up with the latest software, monitor calibration and design trends was pretty tough. I really miss those days.

Today, keeping up with the latest in website development, content management and social media integration is much more than a full time job. Every time I begin a new website for a company these days, it turns into a consulting gig on all the above. And I used to design and code all of my sites. Today, I HAVE to use several programmers in order to satisfy deadlines and customize needs.

I’ve never cared much for project management, but I do respect it. Its something of an art to build and manage quality teams, put out the fires along the way while maintaining the integrity of the design and building content that fits with the branding desired.

Yea, the 20th century way of marketing was infinitely easier than today’s… but I have to say, I do find this exciting.

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