Facebook is Putting the Whoa's to Promotional Organic Posts - Pay 'da Man!


Facebook last week announced that in January, 2015 they will do away with organic (non-paid) promotional type posts from Brand Pages, which can be a good thing. People have expressed time and time again that they do not want promo type, sell, sell, sell posts appearing in their News Feeds. And we get that; however people will spend money so Facebook encourages brands to use Ads Manager and Power Editor to create their ads and spend a little money.

Recently we’ve noticed with some of our clients that if you pay for an ad here and there you get a little ‘love’ in return from Facebook in the form of  extended reach when you post organic content. But brands can still post creative, compelling and interesting content that their Fans will consume on the organic side.

Good article from our buddy Jon Loomer runs the changes down very nicely.


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