Content Marketing World 2014 Highlights – Content Marketing & your business Plus 5 SEO Tips for Businesses

  • Content Marketing World – Last Week here in CLE
  • Sessions on: How to start your CM efforts? How to Podcast?
  • Mark’s Session He Moderated:
    • Ardath Albee (Marketing Interactions) and Mathew Sweezy ( – Lead Nurturing
    • Andy Crestodina ( – Search Engine Optimization & Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must for your website and can be a bit daunting or difficult to learn at first

  • And….learn the basics of optimizing your chances to be found on local search is important.



5 quick tips courtesy of

#1 – Use keyword targeting or keyword phrase targeting (long-tail keywords) unique to each page on your website.

  • Headlines & Title Tags – Include a keyword or phrase
  • Title Tags – Page titles are most important. H1 and H2 tags next.

#2 – Your best content should:

  • Be featured on your home page as a link or maybe a small description with the link included in the description
  • Keyword Phrase of the product or service should also be included in the content of the link…

#3 – Very important to have your best and most relevant content listed in all primary navigation.

  • Includes primary product or service, and contact information accessible from your primary navigation or the link is part of a mouse-over dropdown.

#4 – Important pages/content should be linked to from other pages BUT also from older content. Example:

  • You create a new web page or a new piece of good content, then
  • Go back through older web pages that you created that may not be driving traffic like they used to, then,
  • Add a link to that newer piece of content or new page you’ve added to give that older page some ‘search life’.

And #5:

  • If you have multiple business locations create a separate page for each location.
  • This is critical for local and mobile SEO success.
  • Google likes to see a separate page for each location as it’s able to return the most relevant page(s) based on the user search.

Next week we get into a few basic Google Analytic best practices, setting up your account and setting up a couple of goals for your site.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And we would like to thank the folks at The Cedar Lee Pub for their hospitality.

Barry and Mark- Happy Hour Recap- at the Cedar Lee Pub Barry and Mark- Happy Hour Recap- at the Cedar Lee Pub Barry and Mark- Happy Hour Recap- at the Cedar Lee Pub Barry and Mark- Happy Hour Recap- at the Cedar Lee Pub

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