This week from Granite City Food and Brewery at Legacy Village in Lyndhurst/Beachwood, Ohio.


This week Mark features a couple of his favorite Social Media online tools and Barry will features 2 favorite WordPress plug-ins.

First tool is called Twitonomy.

  • URL:
  • It’s A Twitter Analytics Tool
  • I use the free version but there is a Premium version
  • You Connect to Twitonomy with your Twitter account.
  • Free version is adequate for most and it’s a fantastic tool


  • Acts like a basic Twitter client; you can tweet, reply to tweets, retweet and see your Twitter feed as well.
  • Analytics are very comprehensive

Some of the analytics Twitonomy provides:

  • tweets per day
  • how many links you’ve shared
  • how often others mentioned you in their tweets
  • who you retweet most often and who you reply to the most
  • what hashtags you’ve used the most
  • which of your tweets were retweeted the most
  • which of your tweets were favorited the most

Keyword Tool (appropriate name) it’s free:

  • Keyword tool works like this:
  • Uses Google Autocomplete to generate hundreds of long-tail keywords
  • Based on your basic search term Keyword Tool, behind the scenes, extracts suggestions from Google and presents it to you in a nice table design web page.
  • And not only does Keyword Tool help you when it comes to creating your content and what keywords you should be using, you can also use it to optimize pages on your web site.
  • And finally if you’re going to run a Pay-per-Click campaign you can use Keyword Tool to target your ads to users that use Google to search so it helps bring the right audience to your web site.


Social media running through your site and shared from your site.

  • Why: The best reason to run SM from your site is for SEO, and higher SEO equals more qualified leads.
  • Creating high quality original posts in your blog creates an ever-growing archive of searchable information that puts you higher and higher in organic searches.
  • When people find this info useful, they sign up and/or bookmark you – which increases your SEO further… not to mention giving you qualified leads.



  • It supports around 15 different social networking sites, Google+ with premium version.
  • A little tough to set up and keep set up as SM channels change so often. Create separate Apps in SM channels



  • Very customizable, tons of features, and more than 120 supported social media platforms
  • One of the popular social media plugins for WordPress that’s been downloaded more than 1.5 million times. Social buttons in the form of a Hovering Bar that can be displayed on the right or left side of your pages, with counters and your choice of small or large buttons.
  • Has built-in social analytics, a CopyNShare widget that helps you track shares when your content is copied and pasted, and more.


Keyword Tool:
Good article on Twitonomy that explains the application in detail:
Twitonomy: The Best Twitter Analytics Tool You’ve Never Heard Of
Expanded look via video fm The Enterprise Network on how  works:


Granite City has an extensive menu, Happy Hour with

• $3 beers,
• $5 cocktails and wines and
• on Friday $6 Growler fills

Edwards Communications' Happy Hour Recap 25 with Barry and Mark at Granite City, Legacy VillageEdwards Communications' Happy Hour Recap 25 with Barry and Mark at Granite City, Legacy VillageEdwards Communications' Happy Hour Recap 25 with Barry and Mark at Granite City, Legacy VillageEdwards Communications' Happy Hour Recap 25 with Barry and Mark at Granite City, Legacy Village

Happy Hour menu features delicious $4, $6, and & $8 food specials

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