What I’m thankful for as web developer in 2014

1. WordPress 4.0

• Auto Updates – we host many sites. Convenient, vital to security

*** Hope that plugins keep up with updates. Auto backups imperative.

2. Commitment to responsive design

• Easier navigation. ITS OK TO SCROLL !

• Cleaner, flatter design

• Update one site, rather than 2

3. Nancy Valent of NMV Strategies

• Partnered with branding, events

• Combining outbound (brochures, events, PR) with inbound strategies

4. My Partner, Mark Tennant

• The originator of HH Recap

• The driving force behind all of our content marketing strategies


What I’m thankful for as Content Marketer in 2014

Content Marketing World 2014

Thanks to Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute for the invite and the opportunity to moderate the Intensives track and our speakers.

Andy Crestodina Orbit Media in Chicago who talked about Optimizing and Advanced Google Analytics and he was kind enough to give me some one on one time.

Ardeth AlbeeMarketing Interactions on Advanced Lead Nurturing

Ian Cleary – Digital Online tool guy – Tremendous lunch and learn with all of the tools he introduced to our group.

Mathew Sweezey – Salesforce.com – Advanced Lead Nurturing – Got to know Mathew pretty well, shared some great stories

Keynote with Actor Kevin Spacey who did a wonderful speech on Story Telling and the importance of captivating your audience with great content.

Also thanks to Marcus Sheridan for spending an hour or so on the opening night crawl for taking the time to talk with me….good dude Marcus. TheSalesLion.com

Jay Baer for inviting me to his Pre-Conference shindig where I also had a excellent conversation with Facebook Ad expert Jon Loomer…..enjoyed hearing Jon’s story from doing Facebook posts for the NBA and creating his own business that is off the charts. Jonloomer.com
And of course all of the other folks I met and everyone was so great. Content Marketing World is an absolute must and I look forward to September 2015.

Buzz Sumo (buzzsumo.com)

Buzz Sumo is a web site that serves up content that performs the best for any topic. Get the top results of shares from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+. You get to see who shares what content, what’s hot, what’s not and when you create and suggest content for clients the articles, infographics, interviews, podcasts, videos that you recommend are proven to have worked.

And thanks to you partner (Barry) for getting together after all these years and making a go of it in this industry. 2014 was good but 2015 will be great, I can feel it.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

from Brindalier’s Bar and Grill in Willoughby Hills, about a 15 minute drive from Downtown Cleveland.

Edwards Communications' Happy Hour Recap at Brindaliers in Willoughby, Ohio Edwards Communications' Happy Hour Recap at Brindaliers in Willoughby, Ohio Edwards Communications' Happy Hour Recap at Brindaliers in Willoughby, Ohio brindaliers-wall

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