Hey Lake County Dentists: How would you like a 250% Return On Investment?

I’m not talking stock market – that’s out of our control. I’m talking about investing in your own business.

I’m here in Lake County for a couple weeks due to a family emergency. I grew up here, and It occurred to me to put this offer out there while I’m here working and taking care of things.

The Lake County Dentist Power Marketing Campaign: 8 weeks to break even. 50% return by year’s end. 250% over 12 months

Outstanding ROI marketing case studies with BCH Electrical Safety Consulting and Vanek Plastic Surgery in Mentor OhioI want to provide a Lake County Dentist at least a 50% Return On Investment (ROI) by year’s end. I’ve done wayyyy better than that with Mentor’s own BCH Electrical Safety Consulting and Vanek Plastic Surgery. And I’ll show how over a full 12 months, it will equal at least 250% annual return!

I’m offering this to a qualified dental practice because the online marketing competition is rather weak in this field, so I can hurtle much of your competition more quickly than some other fields (such as plastic surgery – much more competitive online). I won’t take on another dentist within a 20 mile radius, as that would be a conflict of interest.

Note that I said, “online marketing” and not simply “website” – A website by itself isn’t going to get you where you want to be, but proper branding, social media presence and Local Search SEO (Search Engine Optimization) together with a properly structured website will get you leads. Regularly and consistently.

Complete online makeover that results in amazing ROIIf you apply below, I’ll review your online presence thoroughly to see if you’re the right fit. — as I want to the right candidate that can get the highest ROI. Whether you already have a website and social media presence, or have none at all, if you’re not getting many leads from your online presence, consider applying below.

A few months ago, I wrote an article comparing the similarities in the markets of dentists, and periodontists and… auto mechanics! Where I broke down the similarities in these markets and proper budgets for professional online marketing services. If you’re interested in hearing me out on this offer, you probably should pause now and read that article. I’m only hitting pertinent aspects of it here.

These professions have these things in common:

• A lifetime client worth over $500/year
• Rely on prospects within a 20 mile radius or less
• Relatively low online marketing competition (usually not very professional)
• Online reviews play a heavy role in their SEO and conversion process

The math: Crazy ROI when your clients are worth approximately $500/year

You may argue that most of your clients are truly spending about $300/year with you — 2 teeth cleanings per year.
Yes, but if you earn their trust, they’ll be back when the crowns are needed and cavities filled. Average that out, and I’d say $500/yr is conservative for patients that you retain.

If your practice can handle 1 new patient per week, or 4 per month, that will be an increase in annual revenue of $2000/month ($500 x 4).

But, not every call or email results in a new patient, so let’s say that I need to to increase your online presence to generate TWO leads per week… or EIGHT/month, and you actually convert 50% of them. We’re back at approximately $2K increase in revenue per month.

You are not without responsibility, however. Your practice must be dedicated to closing the sale on the leads and retaining your patients thereafter with excellent patient care.

I’ll get you AT LEAST those sixteen new leads in the first 2 months to pay for the campaign

For just the investment of 2 months of the ADDITIONAL revenue, or $4k, I will put together a very aggressive campaign that will provide you with an excellent online presence that will generate at least the eight leads expected to pay for the campaign itself. So I expect you to be at pretty much a break even point, AND you’ll be able to maintain your presence internally thereafter (no additional outside expenditures!).

The following months are pure gravy

I’m going to stay conservative in my prediction. I’m absolutely NOT going to expect you and your staff to continue to run an aggressive campaign and bring in massive amounts of new patients each month. But, I think it’s realistic to expect a maintained online presence to bring in HALF of what my kick-starter campaign will — four new leads per week, resulting in at least two new patients (additional $1000/month). If you look at the performance that I had with VPS or BCH Consulting, I think you’ll agree that this is very reasonable.

But, I’ve never done this with a dentistry practice before, so I don’t have a baseline. My intention is to hit this first one hard, fast and very efficiently, so I can build an amazing case study that will blow away my predictions…and offer my next one at a higher rate.

So, you won’t see this offer again at this price. And I have every intention of having your online presence completely finished and launched within 2 weeks of contract agreement.

To do this, I’ll need a client that is all in for that two weeks – in writing. I need to partner with this candidate in order to make it as successful as it can possibly be.


What to expect from this marketing initiative

First, that it will be a very fast and efficient process. In order to hit over 50% ROI by year’s end, this needs to be launched asap. As such, you’ll see in the application below that there will be legally binding agreements to full cooperation in getting the proper verbiage, photos, logos, videos, etc. together in order for me to get all of your online presence built out correctly and generating leads. If you’re the one in your jurisdiction getting the treatment, you’ll get sick of me… but, it’s only for two weeks.

Two weeks of serious work

The first step that I’ll take is in developing (or fixing) your current website. This will be the hub of our online activity. If starting anew, I’ll have the framework set up on my test server within two days and I’ll work with you on getting together proper verbiage, photos and other artwork.

I’ll have a team member assisting me with your SEO and another setting up an ad campaign to officially launch the effort.

What happens after two weeks?! Two things:

  1. We’ll be able to work at a more normalized pace getting additional promotional content together and scheduled for the remaining six weeks.
  2. Some light training: Making sure you and/or your staff member are comfortable with working with your site, social media and content thereafter.

At the end of the eight weeks, your new online presence will be properly “off-boarded” to you, and that means designating a person or two on your staff to be trained and charged with maintaining a minor amount of good, appropriate blog and social media postings. This will maintain and even grow your SEO while nurturing relationships with existing clients and prospects.

Also know that you will own your site and your hosting outright as I feel very strongly about empowering my clients and NOT holding them hostage as many others do.

My guarantee

As I’ve mentioned above, I currently have no baseline for this campaign, so my predicted results here are based on work I’ve done in other industries. So, I’m trying to find realistic and conservative figures to work with. The $4,000 price tag for the extent of the work is definitely and purposely slanted in my new client’s favor as I need a hugely positive outcome with this more than I need an additional one or two thousand dollars.

I’ve come up with 16 leads as the breakeven point to pay for this campaign (see above), I predict to be able to achieve that within six weeks of following the launch, at which point, everything is turned over to the client to maintain. I’ll track leads and phone calls to verify this. Know that you’ll also get residual leads that can’t be tracked simply through exposure.

If I haven’t achieved the 16 leads within that time frame, I’ll continue with my efforts at no extra charge to the client until that goal is reached, and at that point, turn everything over with proper training. Again, all new patients generated from there will be profit, so I cannot envision a scenario where this dentistry practice could possibly lose money. I see this first campaign as a true partnership of discovery and we’re helping each other achieve as much success as possible.

***Some additional expenditures may be incurred if needed, such as website hosting, stock photos and/or video purchases, video transcriptions and the like.

If this sounds like an opportunity that you’re interested in, please fill out the form below.

I’ll review everything that I can about the applicant(s) as quickly as possible, so that I can get started on the campaign asap. Note that this is simply as application, NOT a contract. If we agree to move forward with this promotion, I’ll send a proper, written contract which we both will sign to get started. But, I do want the applicant to be aware of their responsibilities (availability, responsiveness, contribution to efficiency) before applying for this unique opportunity.

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